As an EOR (Employer of Record) what is our business ?

Our company will take the administrative strain off your company, we can do this in many ways – we will take responsibility for the global employment of your staff freeing up your time, money and resources.

Employer of Record

An EOR through the necessary legal paperwork becomes the employer of your workforce and then leases them back to your company.

Why you might ask? To save you time and money.

We can provide expertise for your human resource requirements, business administration and strategic needs – you can cherry pick from any one or all of our services depending on the size of your company and which country you wish to operate in.

Our services:

  • Legal trading within a particular country
  • Human resource services
  • Payroll
  • Tax obligations
  • Your required visas (often through OUR sponsorship)
  • Health insurance and benefits
  • Winding up or closing your business when required
  • Redundancy

How do we take the administrative strain off your company?

We do this by becoming the registered employer of your workforce, making sure to legally comply with all the various tricky international regulations and taxes enabling your smooth path for growth without you having to set up a local entity in the particular country of your choice. Utilising our vast international network of connections and years of experience we can not only help your company with entry to new worldwide markets and market opportunities but also gain preferential rates and benefits within them, we can even act as company sponsors for necessary work permits if required.

Your international needs

Let’s look in more detail about what we can do for your international needs

An international Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) allows you entry into a particular country in a legal and cost effective way – no need to cross a time consuming and expensive minefield, covered in red tape, while setting up a NEW company or subsidiary in a NEW country. A PEO will handle all your needs saving you that money and time. We will execute all the local employment contracts, and thus manage your permanent employees and contractors. We will deal with any additional insurance or work permits. Effectively you will be leasing your employees from us in order to access the country of your choice and reduce your operational costs. We can also reduce the cost and time it takes for your exit out of that country if you have achieved your ambitions or if market conditions change unfavourably.

Why pick us as your EOR?

To oursource of do it yourself?

When wanting to gain a presence in a foreign country, do you want to do everything yourself? Or would you prefer to outsource and take advantage of valuable experience from a company like ours?

If you only need to outsource the hiring of your staff and or HR solutions, you really consider working with an International PEO, ASO, or BPO . You will understand straight away about liability if unfortunate employment problems arise, for example who manages these employees on a daily basis and who is the one responsible if compliance is compromised?

Foreign Subsidiary as a Service

When dealing with vital contractors, you might want to safeguard your company and use Foreign Subsidiary as a Service ( FSaaS) to establish a legal presence in a country without forming a corporate entity, that will protects you from potential legal problems such as if the contractor attempts to dispute or renege on their agreement. When dealing with contractors it is wise to keep the language clear and simply in the agreement about IP protection and autonomy.

Full-service one-stop-solution

When hiring permanent employees abroad we would suggest a full-service one stop solution to organise and administrate your compliance, HR, payroll and benefits. Take the stress and worry of making costly mistakes away as these and drain you of your finances and time there fore using a foreign subsidiary as a service is a “no brainer” when considering hiring full-time, part-time, or permanent employees how important is it to you to reduce of costs stress and remain compliant?

Do you want to know more about our services?

If you want to learn more about EOR and how we can help you please get in touch. Helping getting businesses established overseas is our specialty and we love to help!